Have You Received Unpurchased Items From Amazon?

Have You Received Unpurchased Items From Amazon

Have You Received Unpurchased Items From Amazon

We’ve all heard of the term “brushing” before. Typically, we use this when talking about brushing someone’s hair. However, the term has taken on a new meaning when it comes to online purchases from sites like Amazon.

This new meaning for the term was recently brought to light a few months ago when a Massachusetts couple reported getting several unordered items. For several months, the couple received boxes filled with randomly assorted items. Neither of them ever placed the order for these items.

After contacting Amazon about the unrequested items, the couple was informed that they were likely the victims of a brushing scandal.

A brushing scandal occurs when an online seller creates a fake account to order their product and have it sent to a real address.

This then gives the fake account a verified purchase of the product, which allows them to leave a false review. A seller can use this method to boost the rating of their product.

Often times, this kind of scam occurs with overseas vendors who are looking to make a profit by boosting their online reviews. Amazon urges anyone who has received unsolicited items to contact them. They take this matter very seriously, and ban all vendors and reviews that abuse the system in this manner.