Summer Is Heating Up

Summer Is Heating Up

Summer Is Heating Up

Spring is over and summer is definitely here to heat up the party in California. The early cool mornings are slowly turning to scorching hot heat. Less and less people will be out walking about because of the high temperatures. Nobody wants to sweat or burn up under the Sun. Everyone will be sporting their sun kissed skin and smothering on the sunscreen.

The weather last year in 2017 was a bit extreme. 2017 brought hurricanes, and some of the hottest temperatures across the world. California had a sizzling summer with extreme triple digit temperatures. Even at night, there was barely any relief. It’s not surprising that last summer was hottest on record for the state. This year will more than likely follow suite. The Weather Network is expecting the summer of 2018 to be very hot, especially in the months of June, July, and August.

The climate in California is generally perfect, at least that’s what we like to believe.

California is classified as a Mediterranean-like climate according to Visit California. The Climate is typically dry with warm summers and mild winters. The problem with trying to classify all of California is the state is so big. The Northern California climate is completely different than the one in Southern California.

The heat is not something to be taken lightly. It can be dangerous to our furry companions and ourselves. When California heats up, we need to be prepared. In Northern California, temperatures can rise anywhere between 72 – 98 degrees Fahrenheit. In Southern California, temperatures can be anywhere between 71-107 degrees Fahrenheit. Those are just a range of average temperatures, which means they could be higher in some instances.

In order to survive the heat, we need to learn to avoid it as much as possible.

California may heat up in the summer months but there is plenty to do to keep cool. To avoid heat stroke or heat exhaustion, drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated is half the battle. Be aware of your sun exposure, and lessen it to help keep yourself feeling fresh. While you’re trying to stay cool this summer, don’t forget about your furry friends. If you can’t handle the heat, they definitely can’t as well.


Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horses can be wild creatures. Somehow we’re able to tame them, and teach them to do tricks and how to be ridden. We form bonds with these creatures. Unlike cats and dogs, horses cannot be pushed around so easily. You don’t tell a horse to do anything, you ask it. After all, a thousand pound creature doesn’t need your permission. A horse and rider share a bond that only they can really understand. A horse depends on the rider to take care of it. The rider in return gets to have partner. It’s a fun relationship between a horse and rider. However what about the relationship between the horse, rider, and California state law?

If you plan on riding your horse on highways and roads you need to be prepared. Even though you are on your horse you still need to obey the rules of the road. Meaning you have to stop at stop signs, and you have to go the speed limit. Obeying speed limits is where you realize its best to avoid highways and roads. If the speed limit if 55 miles per hour, you must also be going 55 miles per hour. You also cannot ride in reckless manner that could harm you, your horse, or others.

Drinking while riding your horse can also get you into trouble. It may seem like a good alternative to drinking and driving, but drinking and riding will get you into trouble. You can still get cited with a DUI or public intoxication. This is due to the fact that you can still cause serious injuries to yourself and those around you.

Just like a car, all horses must be licensed. That is, as long as you live in the City of Los Angeles. There is municipal code in Los Angeles that requires all horses to be registered with the city. The fee to register your horse is small, and is used to maintain horse trails in the city area. Different cities in California may have different requirements.

If you think that you’ll be riding horses and enjoying the feeling of the wind through your hair, think again. Just like horse registration, cities may require you to wear a helmet when riding your horse. If a city doesn’t have a law regarding wearing a helmet, the barn that you stay at might. Barns or boarding places for horse generally have a rule in regards to helmets. They typically require all those under the age 18 to wear a helmet.

Riding a horse can be a fun adventure. Together, the horse and rider can see places that you probably wouldn’t have been able to see in a vehicle. Horses can get you closer to nature and the world around you. If you plan on tacking up soon, just be aware of the laws in your area. Most importantly, saddle up and ride this summer.


Are Air Conditioners Required By Law In Rentals?

Are Air Conditioners Required By Law In Rentals?

Are Air Conditioners Required By Law In Rentals?

Summer is here, and many of us have been dealing with the heat for almost a month now. For many, this kind of heat means hiding out indoors with the air conditioning running. However, for some people, this isn’t always an option. For instance, people living in rentals may not have access to an air conditioner.

Here in the state of California, landlords have to provide their tenants with a habitable living environment. This means that a landlord has to provide functioning electrical, plumbing, and gas systems, as well as heating. Unfortunately, this does not include providing any sort of air conditioning since the state views this as an amenity.

While it is not required by law for a landlord to provide an AC unit for a house, many will do so regardless in areas that deal with high heat. This is done because it makes the property more desirable. While the AC unit itself isn’t required by law, if it was provided and operable when the tenant moved in the landlord is responsible for keeping it running. However, this only rings true so long as the unit broke through no fault of the tenant. If the tenant broke it, then he or she has to pay for the repairs.

If your rental came with a functioning air conditioner that has stopped working, contact your landlord about getting it fixed. A simple phone call, followed by a written statement saying that the unit is broken an in need of repairs should be enough. After receiving both of these, the land lord has anywhere from two weeks to a month to fix the unit.

Dealing with the summer heat, especially at home, is not fun. If you can’t escape the heat at home, try going out. California has several options for keeping cool. You could go to a beach or water park. If neither of those are really your thing, you can go see a movie or go to the mall. Locations like that typically provide AC during the hottest of days.


The Hidden Dangers Of Keyless Cars

The Hidden Dangers Of Keyless Cars

The Hidden Dangers Of Keyless Cars

We sometimes here stories that seem so crazy they must not be true. Then, once we look into the story more, we find out it is really true. Some things that you think are common sense, might only be common to you. It’s important to remember that not everyone goes through the same life experiences. Some generations seem to be more intuitive with technology than others. The most recent technology that seems to be difficult to master is push to start cars.

We’re not talking about pushing a car to start it like in the Flintstones; we’re talking about keyless cars. These are cars that don’t need a key to start them, and automatically start and shut off when the key is gone. This new feature is supposed to save the driver the hassle of placing a key in the keyhole.

It’s a convenience for the driver that has turned deadly in some instances.

Unfortunately, there has been an issue with carbon monoxide leaking into houses from the garage. High dosages of carbon monoxide are poisonous to us. When people forget to press the button and turn off the car, the car stays running and producing carbon monoxide in the garage. The toxic gas then seeps into the house from the garage through vents or a crack in the door.

More than two dozen people have fallen victim to this tragedy this year. An older gentleman thought that his car would just turn off, but unfortunately it didn’t. His car continued to run, and in the morning the older gentleman was be found dead in his house. The carbon monoxide produced by his car leaked into his house from his attached garage. The older man’s lack of knowledge about this technology cost him his life.

Car companies are looking to fix the problem. As technology advances, keyless cars aren’t going anywhere. If anything we’ll start to see more push to start cars. This feature, which was once a luxury, will soon be in all new vehicles. Car companies are considering creating a warning noise, and a failsafe to help prevent any more deaths related to the push to start button. Time will tell if putting in a warning system to notify users that their car is on will pay off.


What’s That On The Roofs Of Houses?

What’s That On The Roofs Of Houses?

What’s That On The Roofs Of Houses?

California is leading the nation when it comes to greener and cleaner energy use. It’s like a life style almost in California. With large cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, it is no wonder we want to regulate what emissions we’re putting out in the world. That is why it comes as no surprise that California is becoming one of the first states to require solar panels on newly constructed houses.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) support the passing of a mandate that will require any new single home to have solar panels or solar arrays.

It won’t just be single resident housing, multi-family buildings up to three stories will have to follow the mandate as well. The CEC voted for this proposal in May this year, and the measure was unanimously approved. This is a big step toward a green future for Californians.

If you’re worried about the costs of building a new house in California, try not to stress too much. This mandate will add roughly $9,500 on to the price tag of new houses. However, the CEC believes the benefits outweigh the upfront costs. They estimate that by requiring the solar setup on new houses, homeowners will save up to $19,000 in the long run. The electricity bill will be cut down, and benefit the owners.

Going green is a common sight for Californians driving out toward Bakersfield or through the Mojave Desert where there are plenty of windmills to be seen. Some schools have even opted for solar panels instead of landscapes. Driving through various parts of California, you will sometimes think that you’re seeing water, but it’s actually just a sea of solar panels. This is what helps us California’s generate energy and not use fossil fuels.

This move is not a surprise for Californians. What will be interesting to watch is, which states will follow suite. Northern states like Washington and Oregon are seem likely to follow, but they get way less sunshine than California. It will be interesting to see what the next step for California be. We’re currently working on banning all plastic waste, but what is the next step to making this Earth last a little bit longer.


Did You Know Driving Too Slow Is Against The Law?

Did You Know Driving Too Slow Is Against The Law?

Did You Know Driving Too Slow Is Against The Law?

Nothing is worse than someone in a hurry tailgating you. You try to let them pass, but they seem adamant about following directly behind you. You get mad, and then think to yourself you’ll just slow down a little and then maybe then they’ll pass you and you can continue on your drive. The next thing you know you’re driving below the speed limit, and the guy passes you. Then you see some red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. You certainly can’t be in trouble, can you?

California has a Basic Speed Law.

This means that you can’t drive faster than what is posted but you also can’t drive too slow that you’re impeding traffic. Other states like Texas and Oklahoma have minimum speed limits posted, as well as a maximum. However, California does not. You wouldn’t think that driving too slow could be harmful, but it can be dangerous.

Driving too slow can mean that you’re distracted. You could be focusing on your phone instead of the road. California is a hands free state and does not allow the use of cell phones while driving. According to, using a cell phone while driving can reduce focus by 37%. Driving distracted is one of the big causes of accidents in California.

Driving too slow can be a sign of your driving experience. If you are a newly licensed driver, you may feel uncertain about driving still. While other newly licensed drivers may be speed demons, some can be too cautious.

Slow driving can also be a sign that you are a senior driver. Seniors who are still capable of driving have slow reaction times, which can cause them to drive slower in the hopes of having more time to react.

California understands that weather conditions and accidents may impede your speed. The Basic Speed Law covers this by stating that regardless of the speed limit your speed should depend of other factors as well. If there is too dense of fog, and your visibility is limited, you should be going at a speed where you’ll be able to come to a complete stop in the allotted space. You may get pulled over for going too slow; however, if you have a valid reason for going slow, don’t stress. It’s better to arrive in one piece to your destination.


Madera Bail Bonds

Research First. Decide Second.

Madera Bail Bonds

Hiring a bail bond company to help get your loved one out of jail is not a decision you make on the fly. It is true that you want to choose someone sooner rather than later, so your loved one can post bail faster. However, you want to do some research into multiple bail bond companies before making a final decision. Here are some things to look for:

    California bail bond companies charge 10% of the full bail amount as the premium. This is the amount you pay to the company. Obviously you will want a company that has no hidden fees or interest rates.

    The bail bond company should be available 24/7, and should be understanding and accommodating to your current financial situations. Every client goes through this differently since no two situations are alike. Your bail bond company should understand this and work with you to come up with an affordable payment plan.

    Check out what former clients of the companies have said about their experiences. Just because one bail bond company has been in business longer than another, does not mean they are the best fit for you.

Where do you start looking for a bail bond company? Head on over to Madera Bail Bond Store. You can get a FREE consultation before making a decision to commit. You can contact us 24/7 online or by phone at 559-674-0444. Talk to one of our friendly bail agents and get your questions answered. Inquire about our zero down bail bonds and discounts we offer to see if you qualify. At Madera Bail Bond Store, you can rest easy knowing that can get the bail help you need at an affordable price.

For reliable 24/7 bail bond service, call Madera Bail Bond Store at 559-674-0444 or Chat With Us now.

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Juvenile Vs. Adult Proceedings

Madera Bail Bonds

There are different proceedings, rights, and consequences for someone 17 or younger who gets arrested versus someone 18 or older who is arrested. In most states, anyone 17 or younger is called a juvenile and when they turn 18, they are called an adult. The differences are due to the fact that juveniles have less understanding of the law and are still considered minors.

  • Juvenile hearings are heard by judges only, whereas an adult has a trial by a jury.
  • Juveniles do not have the right to bail; they are released to the custody of their parents or legal guardians. Adults may be granted or denied bail.
  • Juveniles do not have a public trial.
  • On his or her 18th birthday, juvenile records are automatically sealed. So when they become an adult, their criminal record appears clean. However, the juvenile records still exist, but people who look into background history, like landlords and employers, cannot see these records.

Understanding these basic differences can help a great deal if you are suddenly in the middle of a situation yourself. If you or your loved one, who are 18 years old or older and has been granted bail, we strongly suggest you post bail with a bail bond from Madera Bail Bond Store. Bail bonds are more affordable and, thus, more ideal to use than cash bail.

Get a FREE consultation when you contact us online or at 559-674-0444. Talk to one of our knowledgeable bail agents and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding bail and bail bonds. Ask about cheap bail bonds and discounts we offer as well. They will be more than happy to answer your questions and explain the process to you. They are always available and ready to assist you 24/7.

For a FREE consultation or if you have any questions regarding bail bonds, call Madera Bail Bond Store at 559-674-0444 or Chat With Us now.

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Want To Know How To Save Money & Bail Out A Loved One?

Madera Bail Bonds

Bail can be extremely expensive, everyone knows that. However, most people do not realize that there are a few different ways to reduce the cost of the bail. The most effective way to save money when bailing a loved one out of jail is to get a bail bond. You can get one by talking to a professional bail agent. He or she will then pay for the bail and you pay the bail agent a service fee, which is only a percentage of the bail itself.

In California, getting a bail bond can save you 90% of the money you would have spent to bail out your loved one. This is because bail bonds only cost 10% of the price of the bail that they are based on. If your loved one’s bail is set at $10,000, then the bail bond will only cost $1,000.

You can get an extra discount on top of the huge price cut of a bail bond. Some bail bond companies, like Madera Bail Bond Store, offer bail bond discounts for qualified individuals. Often times, if one of the co-signers of the bail bond is a member of the military, a member of AARP, or is a homeowner, then that person can get a discount on the price of the bail bond. To find out how to get a discount on your bail bond, you can talk to a bail agent from Madera Bail Bond Store. Ask about cheap bail bonds we offer as well. They will be more than glad to answer you inquiries.

If you want to bail a friend or family member out of jail, but are afraid that it will be too expensive, then you need to look into getting a bail bond from Madera Bail Bond Store. As you can see, getting a bail bond can greatly reduce the cost of rescuing your loved one from jail.

To learn more about affordable bail bonds, call Madera Bail Bond Store at 559-674-0444 or click Chat With Us now.

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The Best Public High Schools In California

Merced Bail Bonds

This year, US World News took an in depth look at all of the public high schools across the nation. They looked at all kinds of information about the schools so that they could compile a ranking of the best schools in the country. The over 22,000 schools are ranked based on their students’ performance in state required testing and how well the school prepares its students for college.

US World News gathers its information for the report from credible sources like the US Department of Education and College Board. These sources give them valuable information, which allows them to rank nearly every public high school in the country from best to worst.

The top 3 schools can be found in Arizona, in fact, 5 Arizona high schools rank in the top 10. The rest of this top 10 is filled out with 3 schools from Texas and one from Virginia and California each.

Within California itself, there are 539 school districts with a total of 2,399 high schools.

The top 10 high schools are as follows:

Best Public High Schools In CA

  1. Pacific Collegiate Charter in Santa Cruz
  2. Oxford Academy in Cypress
  3. Whitney High School in Cerritos
  4. KIPP San Jose Collegiate in San Jose
  5. Preuss School UCSD in La Jolla
  6. Lowell High School in San Francisco
  7. University High School in Fresno
  8. Hawthorne Math and Science Academy in Hawthorne
  9. University Preparatory Academy Charter in San Jose
  10. Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies in Los Angeles

These are the top 10 public high schools in the state of California.

US World News calculated each school’s ranking on the list by looking at the following details about each school.

  • Overall performance of students on state test.
  • Number of disadvantaged students who performed at or better than the state average on state tests.
  • Graduation rates.
  • Student performance on college-level AP Exams.

This information helped US World News compare and determine the ranking of each school in the country. For more information or to see how well your local high school did, be sure to check out the full list on US World News’ website.