Singles’ Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day

Singles Guide To Surviving Valentines Day

Singles Guide To Surviving Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day, or Single Awareness Day, is here. It’s that frustrating time of year that all the couples get all “aww” with one another and meanwhile the single folk get a different kind of “aww”. It’s the time of year when all of your family asks you if there’s a “special someone” in your life besides your pet. This nuisance will only last one day, but it can get old very fast.

The way to start off Valentine’s Day is accepting the fact that today you will see cheesy displays of love. Try to enjoy the sappy gestures and awkward rejections. Sure, a lot of couples will be overly romantic, but there will also be a lot of people breaking up. Just think, at least you’re not the one being rejected on Valentine’s Day. Let yourself feel a sense of relief that you don’t have to spend money on roses, chocolate, or looking extra good today for anyone else.

If you want to dress up all sexy do it, if you don’t, rock those sweats. The beauty of Valentine’s Day for you is that you don’t have to impress anyone. Everything you do, or plan to do, is all for your benefit. You can plan to go to the spa all day or take yourself out to dinner.

Setting up an evening with your other single friends or pets will also help you focus on something other than all the romance. Plan an event in the evening that you can focus on throughout the day. Go all out with your plans for the evening. If you’re planning on going out with friends, spend the extra time to get ready. If your night will be filled with furry companions, go out and get them a little treat from your local pet store. Just remember that you only have 24 hours of this awkward, frustrating, sappy holiday. It’s honestly just another day.