A Strawberry Catch

A Strawberry Catch

A Strawberry Catch

California has plenty of amazing qualities. Some may focus on the beaches and Hollywood, others may be sitting by a roadside stand enjoying a bit of fresh produce. California has a huge agriculture industry within its fertile state lines. Between the oranges, artichokes, walnuts, kiwis, plums, celery, and garlic, California produces a lot of the Nation’s produce. However, if you want to bite into something sweet and delicious, try a California picked strawberry.

California strawberries are locally grown and sold.

California strawberries are so special, that there is actually a California Strawberry Commission (CSC) state agency that conducts the sale of strawberries in the state. They also do research on ways to support the growth of California’s strawberries.

The CSC has strict standards that make California strawberries the safest and healthiest fruit to eat.

Once you see the magnificent fields of strawberries in California you may be tempted to go out and pick some for yourself. However, if you do you may find yourself in a lot of trouble. Trespassing on private property can earn you several penalties, especially if you pick one of their strawberries. Picking someone’s strawberries on their property without permission can be considered trespassing with intent and damage of property.

Not only will trespassing on someone’s strawberry field get you into trouble, actually picking one without permission will too. For starters, strawberry plants are someone’s property, and by picking a strawberry, you are damaging property. Unless the fruit is on public property, it’s actually illegal to pick someone else’s produce. Not only is it illegal, its poor etiquette to eat someone’s fruit without permission.

California has amazing produce that we get to enjoy on a regular basis. It’s pretty rare for California not have everything you need here. Local strawberries are a sweet bite of California’s sunshine and vibes. The taste will make your day and leave you feeling satisfied because you’re supporting your local farmers.