Is It Possible To Celebrate Mother’s Day In Prison?

Is It Possible To Celebrate Mother’s Day In Prison?

Is It Possible To Celebrate Mother’s Day In Prison?

Parenting is not an easy task. Kids need a lot of attention and dedication. Every mom knows this. If a mom is gone for even a little while, the child will notice. This can be very problematic if the mother was arrested and sentenced to time in prison. The children will be very confused and upset as to why their Mom isn’t around anymore.

If you are currently raising kids whose mother is in prison, you are going to have your work cut out for you. Not only will you need to raise children, but you will have to help them get through a very difficult time. You are going to need to help them cope with the fact that their mom did something bad and got arrested.

With Mother’s Day approaching, things could become more strained. The kids will likely see friends and relatives preparing to spend the day with their own respective mothers, while they themselves cannot. You could help out, by arranging to visit the mother in prison.

Now, this isn’t always possible due to the standards and rules of different prisons, but it is always worth the effort to try. Several studies have shown that children handle the situation better if they can visit their mother in jail. It helps them have a better understanding of what is going on, since they can often let their imaginations run wild. Many kids imagine prisons out to be something much worse than they really are, and seeing it in person can help put them at ease.

Several prisons out there have programs that help make it easier for children of incarcerated parents come to visit. You should check if the prison where the mother is being held has any of those. Doing this could make planning the visit much easier.

Not only will doing something like this for mother’s day help the children, it will also help their mother as well.

Many studies have found that inmate parents who communicate regularly with family do much better in life after their release from jail.

So, if you know a mother who is currently serving time in jail, consider setting up a visiting day for her and her children. This way, everyone can get together and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Are You Seeing More DUI Checkpoints? There’s A Reason For It

Are You Seeing More DUI Checkpoints? There’s A Reason For It

Are You Seeing More DUI Checkpoints? There’s A Reason For It

Whenever a holiday that involves a lot of partying and drinking rolls around, you can bet that you will be seeing an increase in DUI checkpoints. This occurs because law enforcement officers recognize the fact that more people will be drinking, and as such, more people will attempt to drive while intoxicated. They can be quite the inconvenience, especially if you are running late. However, as annoying as they appear on the surface, they do serve a very important purpose.

The whole point of DUI checkpoints is to catch as many drunk drivers as possible before they cause an accident and hurt someone.

This is done by stopping every car and examining each driver for signs of intoxication. Unfortunately for those of us smart enough not to drive drunk, this is a real hassle.

Something that many people do not realize, is that it is perfectly legal for a driver to avoid these checkpoints. Of course, this can only be done so long as the driver doesn’t break any laws of the road while avoiding the checkpoint. This is why checkpoint locations are posted ahead of time, so that drivers can plan routes accordingly.

If you have never encountered a DUI checkpoint before, you have nothing to worry about if you haven’t been drinking. An officer will wave you forward, and then ask a few questions such as:

  • Where are you going?
  • Where are you coming from?
  • Have you been drinking?

The officer will also ask to see your driver’s license and registration. If everything checks out, the officer will let you proceed. If not, you will be asked to pullover to the side where another officer will then perform a sobriety check.

Far too many people still think it is okay to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having a few drinks. This causes thousands of accidents across the country every single day. Encountering a DUI checkpoint while running late may be a bit of a hassle, but they help keep the roads safe for everyone.

The History Of Mother’s Day

The History Of Mother’s Day

The History Of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and you’re probably stressed about finding the perfect gift. Trying to find a way to showcase the appreciation you have for your mom, wife, or grandma can be hard. They give us all so much of their time and energy. We often get so wrapped up in gift giving, that we never really question why we’re giving gifts to begin with. Obviously with Mother’s Day, it is about showing your appreciation for your mother, but when did this tradition start?

Whoever decided that mother’s should have a day to be appreciated was probably the favorite child. According to, Mother’s Day dates back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. However, no one knows the first known Mother’s Day. It sounds like we’ve always been appreciating moms.

Of course it wasn’t until Christians came around that the celebrations became more uniform. Like other holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, Christians commonly took pagan festivities and blended them with their religious beliefs. Mother’s Day can join the list of holidays that this has happened to. The closest thing to Mother’s Day back then was a Christian festival call Mothering Day.

Mothering Day soon took off in popularity and began to spread to other areas in Europe. Mother’s Day falls after the Christian tradition of Lent. The reason being is because it was though that it was the day to return to the mother of the church. Eventually the date would stick, but the tradition would change.

Nowadays, we don’t think about Mother’s Day as being a religious holiday. The holiday as we know it would become popular in the 1930s and 1940s. The tradition started off as kids bringing flowers home for their moms. Over time, Mother’s Day blossomed into showering our moms, wives, and grandmas with love.

Mother’s Day was created to show appreciation, and that tradition still holds true to this day.

Mom Appreciation Month

Mom Appreciation Month

Mom Appreciation Month

Moms do a lot for us. It’s hard to go a day without talking to or about your mom. Your mom affects just about every aspect of your life, and you may not even realize it.

Moms are the real-life Wonder Women for us, especially if they’re single moms.

Raising kids is not a walk in the park; just think about all the trouble you caused as a kid. To really appreciate Moms, we need to understand what they have done for us.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body changes, and it’s not simple. Her monthly cycle shifts and her body begins preparing to bring a life into the world. Her mindset gradually becomes more focused on nurturing. She starts craving various different foods. Her body begins to stretch, not just in the uterus and abdomen. Her hips and chest grow as they prepare to nurture a new life. If you’re having a hard time relating to this, just remember puberty, and how fun it was when your body changed.

Then when it comes to giving birth, your mom was the real MPV. All of the changes to her body have barely prepared her for bringing you into the world. Once she brings you into the world, you greet her with worries, crying, and a whole new basket of problems. You don’t get a moment of rest and she doesn’t have time to think about being a mom anymore, she just becomes a mom. She will spend at least the next 18 years of her life putting your needs before her own. She’ll coddle you and rub your back when you need it. She’ll even wake up for you at 2 a.m. to feed you.

Once you grow into a more capable human being, she’ll have to take care of you. There were mornings she had to sacrifice wearing make-up just to make sure you were ready for school on time. There were times she had to call off of work because you were sick and didn’t want to be alone. She even gave you those mom hugs that let you know everything would be okay.

A mom’s job or a mom’s life does not end when you move out of her house. You can even start your own family, and your mom will still be taking care of you. She’ll be there to help you with simple tasks like what ingredient to buy to make her famous chili. You may never ask your mom for half of the things that she will do for you, but you can still appreciate it.

May should really just be Mother’s Appreciation Month, because one day isn’t long enough to thank our mothers for what they do for us.

Enjoy Freedom Together

Enjoy Freedom Together

<h1>Enjoy Freedom Together</h1>

Bonnie and Clyde are the infamous couple of criminals. You don’t even need to know what they did wrong to know their names. Their names will forever be in our history books. It’s nearly impossible to say one name without thinking of the other. In their time period, it was normal for bank robberies to occur.

They fled from the cops and were the best bank robbers of their time. They were a couple of rebellious individuals that threw caution to the wind. Their love story or criminal record is legendary. They were free from the law, and roaming the United States as free birds on the run. There is something romantic about being able to be free with your loved one. Having a rebellious fun loving nature is great, so long as you don’t break the law like Bonnie and Clyde.

Some couples may see doing dangerous activities together as romantic, but many more see it as dangerous. Doing things like this can land you in serious trouble. However, if you’ve found yourselves in trouble, don’t worry we have an alternative ending for you.

We at Bail Bonds in Madera think being alive and free is pretty cool. It’s easier to just post bail together than to have a Hollywood ending. We want to help you add a twist to your love story by helping you post bail together. It’s a simple process. The first step is for you to call us.

Don’t worry about when you call, because we’re open all day and night. We’re even open on weekends and holidays. Once you’re connected with our dedicated bail agents, we can get start on the paperwork. This paperwork is easily completed over the phone. Once we finish that, and pick an affordable payment plan for you, we’ll be all set to post your bonds.

Get back to being free birds together, give Bail Bonds in Madera a call today at 559-674-0444 or click Chat With Us now.

It’s Just Another Reason To Party, Right?

It’s Just Another Reason To Party, Right?

It’s Just Another Reason To Party, Right?

Cinco de Mayo is coming up fast this year. For us Americans, that means we get to have a big party to celebrate. Friends and family can all gather around and the best tacos are brought out. Your mom probably spent all day in the kitchen yesterday and today preparing this feast for everyone. Your siblings and cousins are reeking chaos around the house. Everyone is alive with excitement and the music is making your tias and tios swing their hips.

Though this isn’t a big holiday like Day of the Dead, your family is not passing up on an opportunity to get together. Family is important after all. You remember the tradition of getting together every Cinco de Mayo. One time you spent it with your friends and you all went to their favorite Mexican restaurant. It’s their favorite Mexican restaurant, not yours because your all-time favorite Mexican restaurant resides in your mom’s house. Your friends and you drank margaritas and enjoyed burritos. It was great until your friend’s friend showed up with sugar skull makeup on. That’s when you realized your friends probably don’t know the difference.

As Americans, we can make any excuse to throw a party and get together. However, we often overlook the reason why we’re celebrating to begin with. We gloss over our own ignorance and assume that it doesn’t matter. That is, until we offend someone. We forget to consider others feeling and cultures, which ultimately leads to misunderstandings.

Sugar skulls are typically a signature of Day of the Dead, which is another holiday popular to Mexican culture. Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos, is all about honoring loved ones who have passed. Day of the Dead lines up with All Saints Day and All Souls Day, which are Catholic influenced, and are celebrated on the first and second of November. It’s understandable to be confused with another culture’s holidays and traditions because it’s not normal to you.

If your friends don’t understand what they are celebrating this Cinco de Mayo, maybe they’ll allow you to teach them between margaritas this year. If you don’t know what you’re celebrating this Cinco de Mayo, it’s time for you to do your research as well. Just don’t forget to respectfully enjoy the holiday itself.

How To Have A Safe Cinco de Mayo

How To Have A Safe Cinco de Mayo

How To Have A Safe Cinco de Mayo

Being safe and having fun don’t often go together, or at least that’s what a lot of people think. This is especially true when considering drinking and fun at parties. With Cinco de Mayo around the corner you are probably planning a big festivity that will more than likely include a lot of drinking.

There is nothing wrong with having a good time. If a good time is drinking with friends, then so have it. Just be sure that you are aware of your limits and are kind to your body. People often forget that while alcohol is legal to drink, it is still toxic to our body in high doses. Our body can get alcohol poisoning, which is not a fun experience. When our bodies experience this they begin to purge itself of toxins. While the body is trying to get rid of the toxins, the person is usually so drunk they can barely think or take care of themselves.

Being drunk isn’t fun, so here are some ways to help keep you from getting drunk:

  • Drink a lot of water intermittently between alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dehydrates the body when we drink. This is why after a night out with friends you crave water the next day. Staying hydrated will help prevent future headaches and help keep your body stable.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Having food in your system can give your body the proper nutrition it needs to handle the amount of alcohol you plan on ingesting. Carbohydrates help absorb the alcohol in your system and there is an old wives tale that says if you eat toast right before going to bed while drunk, you’ll wake up without a hangover.
  • This isn’t a drinking competition, so pace yourself. Cinco de Mayo is celebrating a victory of the Mexican army over France, it’s not about who can drink the most tequila the fastest. Drinking too much, too fast can land you curled up next to a toilet. When we drink too much too fast, our bodies don’t have time to process the alcohol. This often leads to not feeling drunk until it suddenly hits you like a freight train. Knowing you limit and pacing yourself will be beneficial to you and your body will thank you later.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating Cinco de Mayo. There’s nothing wrong with drinking, however be smart about how much you drink. Be smart and have fun. Most importantly if you do plan on going out drinking, have a designated driver (DD). Have a blast, but don’t make choices you’ll regret later.

Dealing With The Distance

Dealing With The Distance

Dealing With The Distance

Traveling and exploring the world is great. You are able to experience new areas of the world. Life often takes us on adventures where we may need to travel and deal with distance. Distance can be a blessing and a curse. Even in long distance relationships, there are perks to the miles in between you and your loved ones.

Moving away from your family or a loved one for the first time can be hard. Whether you’re a college student moving away from home for the first time, you’re part of the military, or you’re just moving to the town over for a job, leaving what is familiar is difficult. Being separated from what you know is complicated. This is due to the fact that you have to say goodbye to what you know and then get used to new habits and unfamiliar faces. Entering a new place or environment is intimidating. It’s also very stressful to understand what’s going.

Life changing events are often the cause for many to move away. Events like these can turn your world upside down. Just trying to find your feet can be stressful. The key is to be patient with yourself, and the new world around you.

Give yourself time to adjust and build your new routine.

When you move away, at first it can be exciting, but eventually you’ll wind up feeling homesick. At first this new adventure will give you rose colored glasses, and everything will be lovely. Over time, you may find yourself not as enchanted with this experience. You may start to lose your patience with mundane tasks. Hang in there, you’re just going through a phase of homesickness.

Homesickness is your worst nightmare when you’re away from family. It’s okay to be homesick; you just need to be aware of your symptoms and triggers. Knowing that looking at old pictures of friends and family will dredge up unwanted emotions can help you prepare for, or avoid, your sadness. Symptoms of homesickness can vary, and change with each episode.

Being away from home can be rough for even the biggest wander. Everyone has, or will experience life changing events that can create distance between loved ones. Being aware that you’re not alone is always a good thing to remember. Even though there is great distance between you and your loved ones, you still have each other.

Enjoy your new adventure and travel the world.

May The Fourth Be With You

May The Fourth Be With You

May The Fourth Be With You

Happy National Pun Day, or should we say May the fourth be with you?

It’s actually not national Pun day, that day falls on May 15. Still this pun of a day is a special holiday. May fourth is actually known as Star Wars Day. May fourth was chosen in reference to the phrase “May the force be with you.” The clever phrase has turned a regular day in May into a nerd’s dream for Star Wars lovers.

This day is great for your inner nerd to geek out over Star Wars jokes and fandom talks. Even pun lover can find time to enjoy this day. May fourth is a great day to throw a party or a little get together. Easter seems like forever ago, and the next big holiday won’t be until the Fourth of July. Setting a party for Star Wars Day on May fourth will help give you a little break during the holiday dry spell.

Setting up a party for the holiday could be exciting and is a great way to spend time with the people you care about. You can have a Star Wars themed meal planned out for your friends and family. You can serve cocktail drinks that would be found at Jabba’s Lounge. You can play music that gets people dancing like Sy Snootles. If people decide to dress up, you can have Jedi mixing with droids. The party’s atmosphere can be out of this world.

Something that started out as a clever play on word has turned into a day of celebrating the galactic universe. Star Wars’ website has special deals for that day only. These deals can range from video games to your favorite merchandise. If you have your eye on any tee shirts or other gear, wait until May fourth to purchase it. You won’t disappointed.

If you don’t want to have a party, or you can’t afford to purchase new gear, you can have a movie marathon instead. Not only do you have the old Star Wars movies to watch, you have the new ones too. You can take a moment to enjoy the cinematic glory of the series and prepare for the new movie about Han Solo coming out soon.

Relish in the day and unleash your inner geek. Bring out the jokes, puns, and memes about Star Wars, and have fun with family and friends.

Having a day of humor and peace is a good way to relax. If for some reason you can’t celebrate May the Fourth, just remember pun day is right around the corner on May 15.

When Can You Safely Cross A Road?

When Can You Safely Cross A Road?

When Can You Safely Cross A Road?

This year, several new laws were put into place in California. One such law revolved around crosswalks. Something that many people may not have realized, was that it was illegal to enter a crosswalk once the signal began to flash or display “Don’t Walk.”

Anyone who failed to follow this law and crossed regardless would face an infraction level offense with a fine not exceeding $250. Opponents of the law felt that this was too harsh of a punishment for simply crossing the street. However, California Highway Patrol felt the law was important for keep pedestrians and drivers safe.

Well, for those unaware of this law’s existence, there is no need to worry. This is thanks to Assembly Bill 390.
This law took effect at the beginning of this year and allows a person to enter a crosswalk provided they have enough time to finish crossing. A person will be able to judge that based on the countdown timer on the signal.

Here in California, as long as a person has enough time to safely cross a crosswalk without disrupting traffic, they can start crossing at any time.

They no longer have to worry about being accused of jaywalking, at least in that situation.