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What Happens When There Is A School Lockdown?

What Happens When There Is A School Lockdown?

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One of every parent’s worst nightmares is hearing that their child’s school is on lockdown. As a parent, you just want to know that your child is safe and unharmed. It can be hard to get information from officials during a school lockdown. Until the school is ready to give all of the details, parents need to remain calm and understand that the school officials are doing everything they can to keep the children safe.

The term “lockdown” can be very intimidating, the reasons for a school lockdown are not always as severe as people would assume.

Here are some of the causes of a school lockdown:

  • An unidentified person on campus.
  • A parent trying to remove their student without permission.
  • Something dangerous has happened near school grounds, but not on the actual campus.
  • Any other health or safety issue.

Whenever something occurs that risks the safety of even one student, a school can go on lockdown. This is to ensure that no one gets in or out of the vicinity until the situation is completely resolved.

The procedures varies from school to school, but they all follow similar actions. Lockdown procedures are continually practiced to make sure that every single individual is prepared and ready in case something happens.

During an actual event, teachers will usually lock the room doors and close all the windows including curtains. The students inside the room are then asked to stay away from the windows, usually they are asked to stay under their desk. The teacher will usually have some form of communication between their classroom and the main office so that everyone remains informed of the situation. The lockdown itself will last until the situation that caused the trouble has been dealt with.

It can be difficult to get information from the school during a lockdown. This is due to the fact they are handling the situation and do not have time to address the parents. It is important to remember that schools are primarily concerned with taking care of their students and staff. They will do whatever they can to keep them away from danger. Once it is safe, they will either resume normal operations or release the students to their parents.