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Do You Need Bail Help?

Do You Need Bail Help?

Madera Bail Bonds

There will always come a day when a person needs help. Sometimes it will be help with something simple like driving them somewhere. Other times, it could be truly demanding, like bailing this person out of jail. Bailing someone out of jail will take up some time and require a lot of money, but it is not as bad as many people think.

As long as you contact Madera Bail Bond Store for help.

We are a statewide bail bond company that has been helping Californians bail their loved ones out of jail since 1987. We have 30 years of bail experience behind us. We know what we are doing, which means we know how to make the bail bond process easy. We make bailing a loved one out of jail simple for our clients.

Just talk to one of our knowledgeable bail agents. They will begin working for you right away. All they need to get started is the name of the person you want to bail out, his or her birth date and the name of the county of arrest. This information will allow our agents to locate your loved one in the county jail system to gather the rest of the info related to his or her case.

Once all of the info is gathered, we can work with you to figure out payment. In the state of California, bail bonds cost 10% of the bail they are based on. If the bail is set at $30,000, the bail bond will cost $3,000. This is still a pretty big number for a lot of people, which is why we make it easier. We create personalized payment plans for our clients. This way, the cost of the bail bond is broken up into smaller, more manageable payments. With our help, clients are able to actually afford to bail out their loved ones.

That is the point of it all. Our job here at Madera Bail Bond Store is to help our clients help their friends and family members. We know that everyone needs help from time to time and that is okay. We will be here for you whenever you or your loved one need us.

You can talk to one of our bail agents at any time here at Madera Bail Bond Store by calling 559-674-0444 or by clicking Chat With Us now.