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I Was Caught Using My Cell Phone While Driving. Now What?

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What we do know is that in California, drivers are prohibited from using their cell phone while they are behind the wheel, with a few exceptions. What we do not know is what the consequences are if we are caught doing so.


    A driver may use their cell phone if they are making an emergency call to an emergency service like the police, the fire department, or their medical provider. A driver may also quickly tap or swipe on their mounted phone if, and only if, it is being used as a GPS. Note that the phone must be mounted to the car where it does not interfere with clear visibility.


    Using Cell Phone While Driving

    A first offense for a driver caught using their phone illegally while driving is $20. Additional offenses will be $50. These are baseline figures though. The actual figure will be a few hundred dollars, after assessments are added. Fortunately for the driver, these offenses are infractions only and will not appear on their driving record.


A driver should not be arrested after being pulled over for using their phone while driving. If the situation gets out of hand, the officer may have reason to make an arrest, like for disorderly conduct. In this case, the defendant will have bigger consequences to worry about, such as paying for bail and appearing in court. As far as bail goes, this can be paid with a bail bond from Modesto Bail Bond Store.

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Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

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Cinco de Mayo means a lot of people are gearing up to celebrate the holiday with family, friends, and lots of drinking.

In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican Army’s surprise victory of the French Forces at the Battle of Puebla. In America, the holiday has come to represent the celebration of Mexican-American heritage.

Cinco de May Celebrations

There are dozens of large celebrations held by cities all over the state of California. Here are a few of the different celebrations taking place across the state:

  • Valencia Street in San Francisco will be hosting the Cinco de Mayo Festival.
  • Olvera Street in Los Angeles will feature traditional music, dancing, and food.
  • The Old Town Park in Rancho Cucamonga will have live music, delicious food, and a salsa contest.

These events are open to the public and showcase the rich Mexican culture that has become an inseparable part of California. So be sure to go out or stay in with loved ones and have a good time.

However, do not let yourself get carried away with drinking. If you do, you can end up in trouble with the law, which is something that nobody wants. So if you do go out drinking, be sure to not overdo it and stay out of trouble.