Leave it to the Teams to Fight for a Win, Not the Fans

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Sports games are supposed to be fun and exciting to watch. You root for your team to win and boo the other team. You go with friends and family to have a great time. So why do some people have to go and ruin the experience by getting into fights with other spectators?

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Most games go from start to finish well without fights breaking out in the crowds. However, there are some games where fans get into altercations. It gets bad sometimes: serious injuries, arrests, and charges. Then the day suddenly turns from what was supposed to be a fun outing to ending very, very badly.

Trash-talking the other team is always part of a game, but leave the fight to the two teams playing on the court or field. The better team will win, and the winning fans will have some pride. That is way better than ending up at the hospital or in jail.

Anytime during the year you learn that a friend has been involved in an altercation and been arrested, we can help them bail out of jail with a bail bond. Our team at Parkwood Bail Bond Store can do this quickly and affordably.

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No Jokes on April Fools’ at Parksdale Bail Bond Store

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People can be so on-edge on April Fools’ Day that they will be skeptical to nearly everything they hear that day. If that day you learn your loved one has been arrested for real, and needs help posting bail, you can rely on Parksdale Bail Bond Store, to get the job done. That is the truth.

We do not play around on April Fools’. It is true that we:

  • Are available 24/7 statewide in California
  • Offer customized payment plans to make the bail bond as affordable as possible
  • Honor 0% interest
  • Have no hidden fees
  • Accept all payment types: cash, credit, debit, and checks
  • Have a secure, convenient online payment system
  • Give approvals over the phone
  • Will travel to meet you for in-person meetings
  • Ensure fast, efficient, and confidential service
  • Are friendly, approachable, and honest
  • Will bail your loved one out of jail

No matter what hour of the day it is, or what day of the year it is, contact us anytime for your bail bond needs.

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When April Fools’ Goes Wrong

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April Fools’ is nearly here! For some people, it is a day of just trying to get by without being fooled. For others, this silly holiday is really like Christmas to them. They love to go all out and “get” people with their pranks. They can get pretty elaborate. Occasionally, some go too far and their prank goes horribly wrong. Here are a couple examples in the recent years.

In 2015, students at the Grand Valley State University in Michigan had a gag involving fireworks. The prank went awry and a laundry hamper caught fire in an apartment complex. Residents were evacuated and luckily, no one was injured or arrested.

5 years ago, a teenage boy told his parents that he got his girlfriend pregnant. He assumed they would be angry but they were nothing but calm and supportive. After telling them “April Fools!” his mother grew angry and smacked him to the ground. She even ordered her husband to beat him up. The incident was caught on video, which the boy secretly set up; it has been viewed nearly 2 million times on YouTube. Thankfully, the violence did not escalate any further, serious consequences would have come about.

As the prankster, planning is the fun part. The scary part is never knowing how a person might react. The prank can go wrong or you could just be the breaking point for a person who is having a very bad day already. So much for April Fools’ if it lands you in jail.

Having to bail someone out of jail for an April Fools’ joke-gone-wrong is hopefully not something we will have to do. If that unfortunately does happen to you or a friend of yours, you can definitely count on Oakdale Bail Bond Store, to get the job done. That is not an April Fools’ joke.

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Did You Know Juvenile Records are Sealed when a Person Turns 18?

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your child turns 18, his or her juvenile criminal records will be sealed. So it may be that right now, you and your child are coping with their arrest and how it will affect them in the future, but know that when they turn 18, it will be a new chapter for them.

Juvenile Records Are Sealed

On the 18th birthday in order for the now-adult to venture into adulthood with promise. As a youth, an arrest can be a very frightening experience, especially for someone so young with so much of their life ahead of them. It can mentally bother them from time to time, but it will not prevent them from living a productive, full, happy life. Colleges, landlords, banks, employers, etc. will not see juvenile records when the time comes for them to do background checks. Of course, if this same juvenile, now an adult, gets arrested as an adult, then yes, these people can and will certainly see the arrest record.

So, parents, if you and your family are going through some tough times right now with your rebellious, somewhat troublesome teenager, we hope that this gives you a little relief, knowing this incident will essentially disappear when they turn 18 and become a legal adult.

Please note that youths cannot post bail, since they are released to their parents and legal guardians. Bail bonds are available for adult arrestees who are eligible for bail. If you happen to know someone who needs one, or if you are going to need one in the future, contact Madera Bail Bond Store.

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Moral Obligation vs. Legal Obligation to Report a Crime

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people believe that if they witness a crime, they must report it to the police; if they do not, they themselves are committing a crime. Actually though, in most cases, this is not true. A person may feel the moral obligation to report the crime, but they do not have a legal obligation to do so.

However, California does have mandatory reporting laws for certain people and situations. This applies to people in certain professions, like teachers, therapists, social workers, and medical professions, to name a few. If they suspect abuse against the people they are caring for, they are required to report this to the police.

Back to the general rule: if you are an ordinary citizen and you see someone stealing from a store, you are not required to report it. It may be on your conscience, but the police cannot arrest you for not telling them about the incident. If someone else reported the incident, the police may want to question you and get the details of what you may have witnessed. They still will not arrest you for not reporting the crime yourself.

Do the Police Need a Search Warrant for my Social Media?

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know that the police are looking at social media when they are investigating cases. What you may not know is whether they are allowed to do this with or without your consent or a warrant. So, here is what you should know:

  • Content posted on public sites and accounts are considered evidence “in plain view” because anyone who has Internet access and access to sites like Facebook can see it. There are no viewing restrictions so the police are free to scour this without a warrant.
  • When content is posted on a private account, like a private Facebook account that is only viewable to the user and his or her Facebook friends, then the police need a search warrant to gain viewing access.

Just Like It Is Advisable

To use discretion when posting content on social media because a person is weary about employers seeing it, it is advisable to use discretion so that it never lands you in legal trouble with the law. Social media has aided the police in many cases, do not let that be the case for you.

People who have been arrested can be eligible for bail. If this happens to someone you know and you want to help bail them out of jail, contact Madera Bail Bond Store online or at 559-674-0444.

Police Rely on Social Media

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Because social media is such a huge part of social culture now, police departments are ramping up units and departments who are dedicated solely to scouring social media for dangers. Social media is where individuals, organizations, and companies, share their personal lives and thoughts. It is a major means of communication. It is meant to be a place of lighthearted fun, not a place of threats and danger.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

recently announced their new unit that will investigate terror threats made online and directed towards Southern California. Members of this unit search social media based on orders from their sergeant and analyze the information to determine if they need to take greater action. There are many real and unreal threats made online.

In sum, social media can produce evidence to lead to an arrest. Once the arrest is made, the defendant will attend an arraignment hearing to learn what his or her bail is, if any. If bail is granted, the defendant can post 100% bail or, for a more affordable method, reach out to Madera Bail Bond Store.

You can talk to a professional bail agent at 559-674-0444 or online.

Save Money for Bail

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Although we hope you never have to use your savings fund for bail bond payments, it is still critical to have a savings fund to begin with. The purpose of this fund is certainly for future, desired large purchases and investments like homes, cars, travel, and college funds, but it can also be used in emergencies for hospital and bail bond payments. Nonetheless, here are some small tips that can help grow your savings account.

  • Dedicate a little more of your paycheck for savings, deducting this new percentage from your personal, leisure spending.
  • Eat out less, eat in more. Cook! A pound of pasta and a jar of pasta sauce can be $5-6 and feed 4 people while spaghetti at a restaurant can cost $12-15 for 1 person.
  • Create grocery lists before you go to the grocery store. Shopping without a list tends to leave shoppers with more food than they intended.
  • Cancel subscription services like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO. Or, if you pay for cable, cancel that and get the subscription services instead.
  • Cancel your gym membership and choose to workout outside.
  • Instead of treating yourself to weekly shopping sprees, treat yourself to a monthly shopping spree, and do not increase your spending limit.

There are so many ways you can save a little more money. It just takes a little bit of thought, compromise, and sacrifice on your part. You will get used to it, your account will grow, and hopefully, this money will go towards a worthwhile investment in the future. If you do get thrown for a loop and end up having to pay for a loved one’s bail bond, then at least you have this money to rely on instead of scraping last minute to make ends meet.

We hope you will never need our bail bond services but if you do, contact us, Stockton Bail Bond Store, online or at 559-674-0444.

Do Not Miss Out on Life Because You Think Bail is too Expensive

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When a person is arrested, there is no telling how long they will remain in jail if they do not post bail. It could be days, weeks, or even months. If there is an opportunity to post bail, then take it. Do not worry too much about how much the bail is because you can always get a bail bond from Sonora Bail Bond Store where you only pay 10% and it is on a payment plan.

The cost of bail is priceless when you realize how much you would miss out on if you stayed in jail: work, delicious food, comfortable beds, friends, family, birthdays, other celebrations, baby’s first steps. The list is endless. Besides, once you are released from jail, you can return to work and earn paychecks that will of course go towards paying off the bail bills. In due time, your finances will be all caught up again.

A bail bond from Sonora Bail Bond Store is much more affordable than paying for the bail yourself. With a bail bond, you only pay 10% of the bail, and you get to pay it off with a payment plan. There is no huge, one-time payment that you cannot afford. Instead, you can make smaller, more manageable payment that fit into your monthly budget.

Sonora Bail Bond Store will help keep you on track with your payments. Talk to an agent anytime online and at 559-674-0444.

Here is how Expensive Bail Can Get

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If you ever had to bail yourself or a loved one out of jail, you know how expensive it can be. It can be a few thousand for the less serious crimes, but for more serious crimes and repeat offenders, bail can be tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars. For some cases, like big cases you have seen covered by the media, bail can be in the millions!

Here are some of those cases you may have heard a little about, but maybe not how expensive bail was:

  • Bernard “Bernie” Madoff – $10 million

    Madoff managed to pay his $10 million bail in 2008; he was arrested for operating a $50 billion Ponzi fraud scheme. A few months later though, his bail was revoked and he was declared a flight risk.

  • Michael Sorodsky – $33 million

    Accused of sexually molesting his sedated cancer patients, Sorodsky’s bail was set at $33 million.

  • Christopher Williams – $100 million

    Williams was accused of second-degree murder, carjacking, and aggravated robbery. His bail was set at $100 million in 2010 by a Tennessee judge.

  • Robert Durst – $3 billion

    Durst was accused of murdering his elderly neighbor in 2003 His bail was set at $3 billion – $1 billion for a bond jumping charge and $2 billion for tampering with evidence. The bail was eventually lowered in appeals court.

No matter how expensive bail can get, a bail bond can always drastically reduce the amount paid and relieve the defendant and their loved ones of some of the financial stress. Although the bail bond premium, 10% of the full bail amount, is not refunded like cash bail, it does come with a payment plan. For most people, this is the ideal method to posting bail.

Learn about bail bonds by contacting Parkwood Bail Bond Store online or at 559-674-0444.